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At Ruggs Ranch, we are committed to producing exceptional Pointers that are tailored for the true sportsman. We firmly believe that the Pointer is the ideal hunting partner for any sportsman. Colton Cook, with his years of experience working with Pointers, has successfully developed breeding and training programs that have produced remarkable bloodlines. Our aim is to produce the best Pointers for foot hunting that possess exceptional qualities such as intelligence, style, and obedience. We understand that a good tail is not enough; we strive to produce complete packages that encompass natural hunting abilities, durability, excellent disposition, confirmation, and a great nose. Our dogs are eager to please and will undoubtedly become your ultimate hunting companion. Our exceptional breeding and training programs have resulted in producing some of the most trainable pointing and flushing dogs in the industry.

At Ruggs Ranch, we specialize in breeding and training top-notch pointing and flushing dogs on a full-time basis. Our dogs have proven themselves both in the field and at home as excellent companions. We meticulously select the finest field champions and proven producers to breed our dogs. Our breeding program has produced numerous Field Champions, but above all, we pride ourselves on producing great companions. Our vast fields of wild birds and rolling hills provide an ideal environment for our dogs to train and hunt. During the off-season, we ensure that our dogs stay in top shape by exercising them regularly. They run the fields or on our custom-designed UTV, which accommodates up to 8 dogs at once.

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At our kennel, we take pride in breeding English Cockers that make exceptional hunting partners for your pointing dog or for solo hunting expeditions. Our English Cockers are highly energetic and willing, making them well-suited for performing in the field or simply lounging on the couch next to you. We breed our dogs to maximize their natural hunting abilities, and with gentle and positive training, you can have a loyal hunting companion for life.


I have been to almost a hundred hunting and fishing lodges in my television career, some good, some not, several abysmal and very few exceptional. The list of those who consistently deliver on their promise of excellent hunting and hospitality is short. Ruggs Ranch belongs in that top tier.

Over and above everything (actually, I guess it would be under everything) is the land. I have never seen such variety and sheer volume. One of the reasons my viewers cite for going hunting is to be enveloped in natural beauty. Ruggs has it in spades, from stately timber strands and hushed forests, to limitless vistas of sage and bunchgrass. Thank goodness your string includes cockers for the wicked-thick bunchgrass and riparian areas, and horses for the big-sky chukar hills.

That abundant and high quality habitat leads to incredible hunting. Wild chukars, valley quail and Huns in their native surroundings, elk, deer, turkey ghosting through the pines, and of course pheasants skulking in the CRP and crops. It only gets better when you hunt horseback.

Your staff is top-drawer, driven to meet the needs of guests. Guides go out of their way to help, Gene takes dogs to the highest level, Vicky in the office is relentless in her attention to detail, and of course, Keith’s food is to die for. I warn you every time I visit that you’d better count your cocker spaniels before I leave because someday I will dognap one!

As their leader you’ve instilled in staff a willingness to go the extra mile and strive for excellence. A successful businessman told me years ago that the key to success was to be ten percent better than one’s competitors. In every respect Ruggs is that, or more.

Every time we broadcast an episode at Ruggs, my viewers express awe at the vastness, the “westernness” of Ruggs Ranch. It is every hunter’s dream to “cowboy up,” explore the wild west, be part of our rugged bast. Nowhere but at Ruggs can one live the dream.

Scott Linden
Wingshooting USA TV


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